Jalphanwali Near Dalowali Jammu Road Sialkot Punjab Pakistan


To promote facilities for assistance and support of deserving persons, idea of establishing Trust was conceived by Alfaqr Muhammad Yaqoob Awan son of Noor Ahmad Awan. Accordingly Alfaqr Trust has been constituted to help people in multiple fields of social environments. 


(1) To constitute and establish grants, scholarships, rewards and prizes for inculcating competitive spirits in young men, women and children.

(2) To award certificates, prizes, medals etc to encourage students for higher and better education.

(3) To promote spiritual, physical, mental, educational development and uplift of children of all ages without any distinction of caste, creed or religion.

(4) To run or establish, takeover or collaborate with any institution or school or association for educational, physical, mental, spiritual uplift/development of IQ level.

(5) To undertake, establish or takeover any religious or charitable institution.

(6) To establish Adult Literacy Centers to enable elder people especially mothers, to at least read and write.

(7) To establish and maintain hospital, clinic, dispensary, emergency medical aid center and medical complex, also ambulance services for the general public.

(8) To arrange medical camps and supply such medical aid, medicines and such other assistance necessary for living of needy persons who are otherwise incapable or handicapped.

(9) To render any social, moral and financial assistance for the betterment of the life of any poor, indigent and other deserving persons by providing food, shelter, periodical distribution of clothes, medicine, money and other necessities from time to time.

(10) To establish, construct, maintain, extend, alter, repair or improve any building, institution or society for the victims of natural calamities and/or to provide food and shelter to any person from time to time.

(11) To make shelter houses for homeless, widows, orphans to enable individuals to live honorably and ensure their self- respect.

(12) To work for justice, equity, unity and patriotism, condemning sectarianism, violence, terrorism and violation of fundamental rights of the people.

(13) To provide financial help to the physically handicapped and disabled persons or blind persons in the form of monthly allowance or gratuities.

(14) To establish free of cost services to beggars for their accommodation, food and health in order to make them respectable citizens.

(15) To maintain libraries, reading rooms and parks for the use and convenience of the general public.

(16) To edit, print, publish books, periodicals, souvenirs in furtherance to the objectives of the Trust.

(17) To acquire, design, display, publish transmit, distribute or reproduce in any form  whatsoever advertisements and publicity and promotional material of the Trust to use advertising time and space in any media.

(18) To conduct or render help for encouraging and promoting celebrations of national, cultural, social and such other festivals, etc in furtherance of the objectives of the Trust.

(19) To organize and conduct any meetings, seminars, conferences, debates etc for Religious and general awareness of members and general public.

(20) To represent persons at meetings of local, national and international organizations and bodies concerned with activities connected or associated with any of the objective of the Trust.

(21) To acquire/purchase/lease/gift movable and immovable properties and to construct, repair, equip and furnish buildings and structures and lease out, exchange or sell or otherwise dispose of such assets which will be deemed necessary or convenient for any of the purpose of the Trust.

(22) To accept gifts, donations, raise subscriptions from the members of the Trust or other persons for providing income to the Trust, on such terms and conditions as may deem proper and necessary for the fulfilment of the aim and objectives of the Trust.

(23) To enter into any agreement or arrangement with any other organization, trust or association having objectives similar to those of the institute and join any such organization, trust or association and to get affiliated or grant affiliation to any such organization, trust or association having similar objectives.

(24) To borrow from bank or other financial institutions or individuals amount necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Trust.

(25) To seek legal remedy of on any problem of general nature faced by any or all members of general public in the interest of justice.

(26) To settle disputes or controversies among members of the trust and to assist the members in settling disputes with third parties and to represent the trust or its members in disputes before conciliation officers or any other Society.

(27) To provide a platform for research and development relating to objectives of the Trust and in this regard make available key knowledge tools such as:

A University level Research and Educational Institutions.

A well- equipped library. 

Database and electronic connectivity.

Website for research publications and interaction.

(28) To do all other acts necessary for the benefit of the members and public as decided by the trust from time to time.


Sr NoName DesignationOccupation
1Masood Ahmad                    ChairmanRetired Army Officer
2Aftab Ahmad  Vice ChairmanRetired Army Officer
3Abdul Rauf KhanGeneral SecretaryRetired Army Officer 
4Munir Ahmad Joint secretaryBusiness
5Muhammad IqbalFinance SecretaryPrivate Job
6Muhammad Maqbool AwanMemberPrivate Job
7Muhammad NadeemMemberBusiness



(1) He will supervise all the matters of the Trust.

(2) All the meetings will be presided over by the Chairman.

(3) He can call or adjourn any meeting according to the situation.

(4) He can exercise special opinion / power in case of equal vote.

(5) He will be empowered to check accounts and sign accounts book and other important papers.

(6) He will have the signatory powers and to liaison with other Organizations and Institutions.

(7) He will be the chief administrator of the Trust.


He / She will assist the Chairman as second in command and will perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chairman in his absence.


(1) To keep the record of the Trust in the safe custody.

(2) To record the minutes of the meeting of executive body.

(3) To prepare the agenda of the meetings and to circulate.

(4) To manage the collection of funds, subscription from the public to meet the expenses of the Trust.

 (5) To maintain accounts books and make arrangements for annual audit.

(6) He will have the signatory powers, second to the Chairman and powers to liaison with Organizations and Institutions.

(7) He has signatory authority after the Chairman.


He / She will be responsible to assist the General Secretary and to perform his duties in his absence.


(1) To keep the record of the Trust in the safe custody.

(2) To prepare the financial agenda of the meetings.  

(3) To manage the collection of funds, subscription from the public to meet the  expenses of the Foundation.

(4) To maintain accounts books and make arrangements for annual audit.


Members will attend all the meetings of the Trust and will perform all the tasks assigned by the Chairman and General Secretary.



The Trust shall be named as ALFAQR TRUST.


The Trust is located at Jalphanwali Near Dalowali Jammu Road Sialkot. 


(1)  Irrespective of caste and creed, rich and poor desirous of betterment of society are eligible for membership.

(2)  Any Male / Female can get membership of the Trust if he / she is sane and bears good moral character.

(3)  He / She fully agrees to the aim and objectives and constitution of the Trust.

(4)  A member will have to pay membership fee and subscription fee as well, to be fixed by the Trust from time to time.


Notice of meeting should be served one week before commencement of the meeting. Emergency meeting may be called by serving 24-hour notice. 


A member shall cease to be the member of the Trust in case of any of the 


(1)  By death.

(2)  By resignation in writing addressed to the Chairman.

 (3)  By becoming insane.

(4)  For not attending three consecutive meetings without solid reason or prior permission.

(5)  If he / she fails to pay the subscription fee for three consecutive months.

(6)  If he commits indecent or immoral activity or works against the interest of the Trust.


The election of the governing body will be held after every three years


(1)   Membership Fee 

(2)   Donations from generous persons or entity 


The Bank Account will be opened in the name of the Trust in any scheduled bank. 

The bank account will be operated and Cheques will be double signed by the General Secretary along with any of the followings:

(1) Chairman

(2) Finance Secretary


The meeting of the Trust will be held as and when the governing body members deem necessary or as and when exigency of the Trust demands but necessarily once in a month.  For this purpose, a prior notice of 10 days will be issued to all concerned. The agenda will be forwarded to all concerned one week before such meeting.


The Chairman will be empowered to call for the meeting and in case situation warrants the meeting shall be postponed. In case of death or resignation of any office bearer the executive committee in its special meeting will fill in the vacancy.


The funds of the Trust shall be audited annually and qualified auditor shall be appointed by General Secretary in mutual consent with Chairman.


The quorum for meetings will be 1/3rd   of the total members.


The amendment in the constitution will be made by 3/5th of the majority of the total members as and when the governing body members deem necessary in the best interest of the Trust.


If unfortunately, the Trust is to be dissolved, its assets and liabilities would be transferred to a Trust / Charitable institution having identical aim and objectives duly approved / registered under the Societies Registration Act. 1860.