On 10th Muharram 1438 AH earth breaking was carried out for construction of Jamia Masjid Alfaqr (Ahly Sunnah) Registred., Jalphanwali, near Dalowali, Jammu Road, Sialkot Punjab Pakistan


The way there has been disasters in the Islamic society, and  Muslims are divided into different spheres, groups and sects. So there is a need of time  for having such a mosque / centre which is free of such type of ills but to follow strictly the orders of Allah and Prophet ﷺ, have love and affections for both only for religious purpose and fiercely cleansed from the world’s selfishness. Alfaqr Muhammad Yaqoob Awan son of Noor Ahmad Awan, under the special grace / blessings of Almighty Allah (S.W.T) and Direct guidance of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for constructing this Masjid where passion, charity, love and brotherhood in Muslims are highlighted. At the same time people are educated for establishing spiritual contact and real love for Allah and Prophet ﷺ.


In order to run the Masjid and its related affairs / matters efficiently and effectively the following positions are set:-

Sr NoName DesignationOccupation
1Masood Ahmad PresidentRetired Army Officer
2Gazanfar Ali    Vice PresidentBusiness
3Abdul Rauf Khan General SecretaryRetired Army Officer 
4Muhammad AnwarJoint secretaryBusiness
5Muhammad Iqbal Finance SecretaryPrivate Job
6Munir AhmedMemberBusiness
7Muhammad Nadeem MemberBusiness



It consists of basement and two floors. Total constructed area of ​​the mosque will be 50000 sq ft. So far 15 kanals of land costing about 60 million rupees have been dedicated by Alfaqr Muhammad Yaqoob Awan and his family members.


A proper library comprising religious books will be established in the mosque.

Living Accomodation

The accommodation will be made available to only male coming from distance.


Meals facilities will be provided to the people.


Separate ablution place for male and female are to be constructed.


Construction of separate toilets for male and female is part of project.


Sufficient bathrooms will be constructed for male.

* Strict parda arrangements will be made for female during Namaz and ablution.


Full Masjid basement is completed and 50% of ground floor as well as accommodation for Imam and Moazan has been constructed.


*Milad-e Muhammad ﷺ is celebrated regularly on daily basis


In addition to regular five time and Friday prayers, there will be religious teaching sessions in which competent scholars will answer people’s queries with authentic references. This can be used directly or by means of e-mail. After Fajr prayer Darood o Salam, Asar prayer teaching Quran Nazra to children and Isha prayer Quran and Hadith lectures will be held.


The prayer will be organized properly with Aazan.


A reasonable arrangements for Aitkaf observing people in Ramzan including Sehr and Iftar facility will be ensured.


Source of Income

Donations of people purely spending in the name of Allah for blessings.

Account Number


To ensure transparency income / expenditures state is put up for viewers on quarterly basis.


Jamia Masjid Alfaqr 

Jalphanwali, Jammu Road, Dallowali

Tehsil and District Sialkot Punjab Pakistan.

Mr. Masood Ahmed  (+92) 343 7862999

Mr. Abdul Rauf Khan  (+92) 3314661192

Prof. Mohammad Anwar Awan (+92) 323 7430358

Mr. Aftab Ahmed  (+92) 300 5164700