Syedina Maula Ali Karam-u Allah Wajhul Karim Radi Allah Taala Anho

Syeda Kainat Bibi Fatima AlBatul AlZahra Radi Allah Taala Anha

Syed ul Shuhada Syedina Hadrat Imam Hassan Radi Allah Taala Anho

Syed ul Shuhada Syedina Hadrat Imam Hussain Radi Allah Taala Anho

Hadrat Awais bin Aamir Qarni Razi Allah Taala Anho

Hadrat Khawaja Hassan Basri bin Musa Raai Radi Allah Taala Anho

Hadrat Abu Alaswad Zalim bin Amro Aldouli Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Sabit bin Zouta bin Marzaban Rehmat Allah Alai’h

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Hadrat Abu Obaidu Allah Muhammad Alraundi Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Shah Yousaf Gardezi Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Imam ul Aulia Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Abdu Allah bin Abu Musa Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Abdul Razzaq bin Abdul Qadir Jilani Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Shaheed Syed Yaqoob Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Shaheed Syed Noor Alam (Ishaq) Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Abu Alhassan Alshazali Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Taqi-ud-Din Ahmad ibn Taimia Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Samad Asphahani Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Abu Abdu Allah Muhammad bin Saeed Alboseri Rehmat Allah Alai’h

Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Bahoo bin Bazeed Awan Rehmat min Allah

Alfaqr Muhammad Yaqoob Awan son of Noor Ahmad Awan, under the special grace and blessings of Almighty Allah (S.W.T) having observation, direct spiritual relation and contact with the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ without any doubt and takes pride in becoming Alfaqr. Blessings (knowledge) of Alfaqr started from the very childhood during the holy month of Ramadan by seeing Prophet Muhammad ﷺ physically and having the kiss by (Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ) at heart (Qalb). The great blessings are bestowed by having personal association and seeing Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ continually. Alfaqr Muhammad Yaqoob Awan is proud of being a follower (Ummati) and a humble servant of holy prophet Muhammad ﷺ .

At the night 23rd of Ramadan, 1425 (A.H) during Aitikaf (اعتکاف ) in Masjid-e-Nabawi ﷺ beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ included (me) in His ﷺ personal domain by conferring the Turban of Alfaqr (دستارِالفقر ) Later on the great knowledge (blessings) of Kanz-Alfaqr (treasure of Alfaqr) progressed by attending at the central Masjid ‘Hadrat Abu Abdu Allah Muhammad bin Saeed Al Boseri (R.A) located in Alexandria, Egypt and central Masjid Hadrat Imam Hussain (A.S) adjacent to Al Azhar University in Cairo Egypt. Along with the personal observations received the training of divinely wisdom, guidance, and Al’Quran and was acquired with the personal observance of wisdom and guidance revealed (sent) within and along with the holy Quran. Its reflection is obvious in the translation and interpretation of AlAin Al Quran العین القرآن As being a disciple of Sultan-Alfaqr Imam ul Aulia Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rehmat Allah Alai’h received and perceived the inner (unseen) and outer (seen) secrets of all the seven stages of Alfaqr by direct knowledge of Alfaqr and acquired the prosperity of Alfaqr (Alfaqr Al Ghina) along with (Taqarubaat Alfaqr).

By gradual face to face meeting with forefather Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Bahoo bin Bazeed Awan Rehmat min Allah attained (completed) the stage of Haqeeqat Alfaqr (حقیقت الفقر) and Haq Huzoor of Hadrat Muhammad (ﷺ). Alfaqr Muhammad Yaqoob Awan spiritually accompanied by the owner of Al’Quran (ﷺ) remains Al’Shahood (الشہود), Al Touheed (التوحید), and Al Qadir (القادر) at all time.


It is not possible that complete guidance of the Quran Alkarim can be obtained without  personal and spiritual relationship with the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. All the written material is obtained through personal contact and personal observations. Nobody else but Prophet Muhammad ﷺ can give Holy Quran details and Noor e Quran. The complete spirit of Quran can only be given by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  who received it.

The translation of Quranic Arabic has been carried out by most respectable scholars and saints in different languages. But fact can not be denied that Holy Quran is a complete  heavenly book which is in a miraculous and divine language but for the purpose of ease in understanding is in Arabic language. Quran’s guidance and wisdom that has been revealed can not be restricted to any individual’s interpretation. That is why the children born in Arab countries start taking education of the Holy Quran at early stage so that they can read and understand at least in the right way, but can not claim to be complete authority on Quran.

Alfaqr Muhammad Yaqoob Awan with blessings and direct guidance of Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is translating Quran. In the first phase, الحمد للہ the first volume of ”ALTAFSEER ALAIEN AlQURAN ” التفسیر العین القرآن consisting Surah AL FATIHA, Surah ALBAKARA has been published and available on website www.alfaqr.com/quran


With the blessings , permission and supervision of Imam ul Aulia Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rehmat Allah Alai’h started writing the “Jamia Alfaqr” comprising Seven books namely ;

1. Taaruf Alfaqr (Published)

2.Kanz Alfaqr (Published)

3. Aqrab Alfaqr (in Prosses)

4. AShahood Alfaqr

5. Alfaqr AlGhina / Touheed Alfaqr

6. Alfaqr AlQadir

7. Alfaqr AlZaat

The objective is to apprise the mankind about blessings bestowed upon Alfaqr with Quranic guidance, wisdom and “Noor”. It will help the truth seeker to avoid deviated path and will become alive mean to guide / teach the individuals for the getharings of Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and will also help in increasing the knowledge / faith level in ALLAH.

The readers are requested to be in Wudu وضو and punctual in offering prayers to get maximum from these books. Any word, sentence and aspect found contradictory to Quran Alkarim and Sunnah or which is not understandable, the reader may contact the author for its true understanding or wait for the next book to get more clearer view of matters related to Alfaqr. Books should be read with open heart remaining above all sects , groups , organizations prejudice and be only meant to seek blessings and closeness of ALLAH and Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

May ALLAH Almighty help us to respect, read, understand, learn, teach these precious books and help us to become true worshipers of ALLAH, Ameen.